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Sunday, 27 November 2011

A day in two...

Morning all,
              Yes this one is split in two so you have the morning and the evening split.

It was not that bright yesterday morning but the way the weather is going I thought it better to put my coat on and go out fairly early. It was still overcast at 0930 but seemed a glimmer of hope in it brightening up.
I set of for Motney Hill and found it cold after the last few weeks. No matter coat on and start walking. I got the the bank and there in front of me was this Little Egret only about 50 yards away. I took a few really rubbish pictures as my fingers were frozen (only been there a few minutes). I did manage to get one out of about ten. This was how it was going to be for the rest of the trip.

Little Egret

I think this is Sparrow but it is a little too far away

Coming at you

Must be a relation of Daisy and Holly

The last one was the best of the trip

After about three quarts of an hour my hands were so cold I could hardly hold the camera and headed for home, out of the 150 I took 50 were deleted out of hand. The weather is warmer today and a blue sky is heading our way.

Saturday evening was Charles and Jean 25 wedding anniversary, so Sue, Mike and Me headed for a party. Great fun and late night meant a late getting up and a lay in this morning.

Two cakes

Two groups

I wonder who that bloke on the right is?

Just for a laugh I found this one very out of focus which is why it is like it. I bet Eileen knows who they are!

Well that is it for today

Mike and I are heading for a spring high at the Edith May today, see what happens tomorrow.

Have fun, thank's for looking.


  1. Very Good Trevor. Glad to see you there last night. We had a fantastic evening.

  2. Smashing pictures Trev .... Ken and I were sad that we could not attend the party ... too many parties on the same evening ..! Looks like we missed a good time! xx

  3. Hi Trev, nice pics......and very nice cakes !
    Yum, yum !
    Chris and Dave

  4. They all missed a good do, a Jean


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