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Saturday, 3 December 2011

The clouds roll in

Hi All
       Well not having a car really helped get things done this morning. I have most of the house ready for the winter, so that is out of the way. I managed do the freezer out something I have wanting to do for a while. It has been just too warm to empty.

Mike has got my car back to me: Good old Mike he's a star.

Now tonight there was a half moon that looked inviting. Now I looked out and it was nice and clear, I set up the camera and marched out only fine that the sky is filled with cloud. *x/xx!$ comes to mind but there were a few clear patches. I managed 8 shots but 4 were blanks (to dark to see the Moon).

This is what I got seeing that the cloud covered it most of the time.

Number one

Number two

Number three

Number four
As you can see they get darker but for the last one which the cloud thinned

That is it for the Moon, Some more taken at Riverside the other week.

That is it for now, have fun and thank you for looking


  1. Hi Trev, you've changed your profile picture.....
    nice one ! The moon shots are great !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Thank you both

    I changed it about three days ago,Hee he

  3. Hi folk's sorry to be late on parade been in the Loo all afternoon, decorating. Wots up with a modern mug shot Trev? Ill give you one tomorrow.

    You coming here after dropping Sue off? if so bring some coffee.

  4. Will do or I won't get a coffee


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