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Friday, 16 December 2011

First snow

Morning All
             I have not been about much this week as I have been busy and not had a chance to take the camera out. Well today it snowed and I did not have to go far to take some pictures.

These were with the standard 18-55 lens taken at a slow speed to get the effect of the falling snow. I think it worked. One draw back is the the snow breaks up any sharp lines.

I like this one best as it makes the snow stand out a bit more

Well that is all I have of the snow, as you can see it is staying off of the road, good news.

From stock


More clouds

Rose hip

Not sure if this is a rose

That's it have fun, thanks for looking


  1. Here you are Trev, nice to see you about although I am not sure about the subject matter apart from the last ones.
    Now my car is back on the road we get snow and I had a few planes for the day, still I have lots of typing work so I am doing that.
    I think I like the rose hip best although the flower which looks like a rose a beautiful.

  2. Hi Trev, like the snowy ones, good job.

    What's this about not having your camera with you? You should always have a camera in you person. Twice this week you went out without a camera so it's time for a new years resolution.

    Anyway keep smiling, lovely clouds BTW.

  3. Smiling is hard as there were a lot of bodies in Tesco's this morning.

    OH BTW
    If you think I am going to take my camera to Tesco's with me, think again...LOL

  4. Nice photographs, glad you had the snow and not us!!!! Kayrol

  5. Great clouds Trev and the rose? is beautiful ... I really enjoyed seeing you and Mike on Thursday... the years rolled away lol!
    What's this new software that Mike is helping you with then?

  6. It is called Lightroom 3 bit like Photoshop


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