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Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Hi All, I have had a lot to do today and the high water is at the wrong time of the day. I need high water at round 1800 so the low water is at 1200. This give three hours before and three hours after low water. So next week will be fine. So Stock photo's today.

If you remember Mike and I took Sue to Bluewater a few weeks ago and ended up in a county park near Bean, We also went Hothfield Heathland where we saw loads of fungi. Here are some of them from both places.

From Bean

The Larches

 Hothfield Heathland

Can I help you

Well that is it, what a nice day to have to miss and tomorrow it is going to rain......

Have fun, thank's for looking


  1. Ho you sure are a Michael Fish, the sun might shine.

  2. Not Fish but the Met-office along the south coast.

  3. Oh no it won't rain!!!

    How do I know for sure, because it is tomorrow now, or at least it is the day after you wrote the blog about tomorrow raining and the sun has shined all day and it didn't rain!

    So like the pantomime says, "Oh no it won't"

    Did Michael write this? "Oh no he didn't" (SG)

  4. Well ... I didn't get wet!! Love the last picture Trev .. all good but that one is my Fav! xx

  5. Thank you Eileen

    It was just being in the right place.....

  6. No comment to " Oh No it wont rain!!!" then


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