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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Horses and Ponies

Hi All, I got out late in the afternoon but there was just enough light left to take these. I drove up through Bredhurst where there are a couple of field with horses or Ponies in them. I parked up and crossed the road and started to photographs them, what did they do but come walking towards me thinking that I had food. I ended up over the road as they were too close. The second lot were worse as they moved before I got out of the car. Good this horses lark.

Oh what a boring day, grass, grass and more grass

I'm fed up with grass

This looks hopeful

Well he could have some Apples

Got any Apples Mister

I want so too

Me Too

This is a waste of time, no apples

Backed to the grass
As the light was going I decided to head for home. The days are getting longer very slowly but we are about three minutes longer than the 21 st December.

That's it, I hope for a nice sunny day tomorrow, thank's for looking


  1. Got any Apples Mister is my favourite. Well done Trev.

  2. I just adore these pictures Trev... Horses are such lovely creatures and you have done them proud!!xx

  3. They are so friendly, and come right up to you.

    The biggest trouble is they get too close.


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