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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Review of the year part two

Hi All
      Things lead to me not getting out today so some more of what has happened this year. This covers July and August. Car shows with two friends, sun rise, a trip on the Kingswear Castle.

Car show at Mote Park 

Get off of me

Upnor Castle

From the Kingswear Castle

Kingsnorth PS from the Kingswear Castle

 Kingsnorth PS from the Kingswear Castle


Little Egret
 Northward Hill RSPB site

Sun rise

Having a stretch

Gold Finch
That's it for now, with luck I may have time to get out tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the review Trev... I enjoyed looking at them ...I hope you manage to get and about today. If you go this morning you should be okay...but after lunch you may need a brolly and some wellies lol xx

  2. I know Eileen, fingers xxxxx.

  3. Good set Trev, like the one "get off me" it always gives me a laugh. Go on get your brollys on and have a go.

  4. I did manage to get out but the light was not very kind tome. I will know more when I process them.
    Again fingers XXXXXX


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