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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Sunny but Cold

Hi All, I too a late morning trip to Ore Marsh this morning. All I saw was Gulls and more Gulls and a colony of these. They were a bit to far away for me to really identify them but a Ringed Plover comes to mind. It was a lovely day but a bitter cold one at that.

Hiding in the grass

Across the flood
This was the view from the hide

Choppy water
The bird is out of focus because of the waves, they must have been a foot high. No Egret "Great or Little" to be seen.

But if you want to see a little Egret:

Little Egret

Back in the Summer

A touch of Summer

That is it for mow. 
With luck Mike and I may get some pictures tomorrow

Bye bye


  1. Shame about Ore, never mind lets see what tomorrow brings...Rain?

  2. We maybe ok in the afternoon as that say it will clear by then....

  3. Love the Iris .... and the clouds Trev ... I hope it's okay for you and Mike tomorrow (today lol)!!

  4. Have we (Mike and I) converted you to clouds Eileen?

    Yes it was a good cloud.


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