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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Woopy Do

Hi All, I manage to get out today for about 20 minutes or so. Not long but it did make a change to get some pictures in. I went to the Motney Hill car park and stayed just along the bank, about 200 to 300 yards from the car park. There are two deep water channels where the birds stop at low water to feed and clean. The wind was cold which is why I did not stay too long. Lots of birds from Red Shanks to Mallards and of course a selection of Gulls. It was lot better that Ore Marsh on Monday.



The old PS

One of the most photographed boats on the Medway

Red Shank

Motney Hill

Grain PS

Old man's beard

That's it for now but I do hope that I can get out over Christmas. Have fun and a Merry Christmas


  1. Well, what a day Trev, very busy. Both cars MOTed and tyres on the Astra plus tracking.

    Just had a look at your images and I must say a wonderful set, well done and great work. I presume you used your new programme, I think it was worth the money and you seem to be getting the hang of it.

  2. A nice posting for such a short visit. Lovely shots Trevor, two power stations for our money today, favourite is the wreck with the blue water around.
    Really enjoyed viewing.

  3. Thanks both, Yes Mike but one or two glitches but I think I sorted that out.

    It was cold down there which is why I could not stay, warmer up here....

  4. I love the wreck as well Trev ... Super shot ... Shame abt TWO PS lol lol xxx

  5. But you love the PS's Eileen!


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