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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The end of a long week

Hi all
      Well I am glad this week is over it has been a long one. Up late and out most nights. The only good thing was it was not too cold. Last night was my final night until next Friday. Mike came a long and had some fun but by 1030 I had enough and came home.
This morning I got my telescope out to take some pictures of the sun. There were only a few sunspots and they were faint. It was worth the time and it's been a long while since I got round to photographing the sun. I haven't done any work to find out which sunspots they are, I have just taken them. Mike is going to be surprised when I tell him how it was done. I am off to help him out with his telescope this afternoon.

Faint sunspots
 You will need to click on the image to see it well

Back to Leeds Castle

Sorry to bore you with black swans but I have only see them in book and on the Television. I really needed to stand in the lake to take some of these.

The Castle
 This is the first one I took of the castle and have a better views later on.

That's it for today, there are more to be processed later on.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Lovely swan photos Trevor

  2. Some fine photography there Trev ! Nice one !
    chris and Dave R

  3. Well done with the Sun Trev, I'm impressed.

    Good ones of the Swans, you will have plenty of opportunity to get more, see it was worth £16 you old skinflint. lol

  4. Oh Trev the swan pictures are beautiful ... well done that man!

    E xxx


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