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Thursday, 16 June 2011

MKAS and the next generation of young astronomers

Morning All

A few weeks ago the society (Mid-Kent Astronomical Society) was approached by a science teacher Kristen Weiss from a Canterbury Primary School to come to our observatory to observe the use of our telescope. As well learn about the thing we do.

 On taking up the request we find that the children are 8 to 9 years of age. This is not a problem as the society gives lecture to cub and to schools over the year. What was surprising were the numbers, 25 children and 18 parents and teachers. The problem is space; the dome is on two levels and can handle about 15 on each level but not with a lectures as well. The school where the Dome is located came to our rescue and loaned us a class room for two hours. This was good because it started to rain which meant we could not put some of our equipment outside to make more room in the dome.

   Ian Hargraves started off by explaining distant and how far light travel in a year and how long it take light to get from one place to another. I thought it might be a bit heavy but they seemed to be taking notice.

Then our own resident Patrick Moore took over (Peter Parish) He is more like Patrick than Patrick is. He used models to distances like how far the earth, moon and the sun would be if you place the moon ten feet from the earth then the sum would be 2 ½ miles away, things like that. He got some of the children to demonstrate how this worked.

We where hoping to see the Lunar eclipse but as it was raining and no breaks in the cloud we took all of them up to the dome for drinks.

I got to talk to Kristen and some of the parents and they told me that that the children enjoyed the evening. It was nearly 10:00 before they went. A successful evening I believe.

This morning when I got I went out to refresh the bird feeders and to my amazement the first lilies are out.

The first one this year

Four were open over  night

You can see more on my Flickr site, just follow the link above


  1. Glad you had a terrific evening Trevor and what a beautiful display the lilies made, well done.

  2. Lovely lilies Trev. Just looked out side and saw the bright moon and thought, shame this was not 24hours ago

  3. You are right there Mike, I am not sure when the next one will be.

    Thanks Sue the kid had a good time but cor they got through loads of orange juice

  4. Now the Google newsreader is playing up
    I have your posts sent to me twice now, good wot


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