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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Warning to all

I am only putting up one picture tonight and I hope that it makes you as upset as me.

Mike, Sue and I made a visit to Mote Park only to be confronted with not one but two Gulls tired together with fishing line hanging from a tree. Each was tired by one wing to the other.

two gulls
There were people there saying what can be done and running in circles. My first thoughts were to get hold of the RSPCA but I didn't have there number. I tried a few friends and they could not find the number. I carry the police non-emergency number on my phone so I gave them a call. I got through to the switchboard and then the control room. I told a very helpful  lady what was happening and they told me that they would inform the RSPCA.

The RSPCA phoned me to find out where it was in the park and said that they would deal with it. Let's hope that they did.

Now I was a fisherman years ago and I all ways took home old line, so please if you are a fisherman do the same.


  1. Yes Trev, that was a very sad sight. Lets hope they were saved, if they had been closer to the shore I would have tried but they were a long way out. Very sad.

  2. Hi Trev, sad state of affairs......Hope they were freed and ok !
    chris and Dave R

  3. Other birds were nearby and I was worried that with more line around the area some more would get caught up. Very sad and very unthinking of the fishermen who don't clear up after themselves.

  4. I never left line on the bank if you could take it with you as not only birds but cow's and sheep can get hurt even kid can get hooks in the legs and feet.

  5. PS, I may check with the RSPCA tomorrow to see if they have saved the birds..

    I hope to post a more friendly and happier blog tomorrow, too sad for today.


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