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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy days are here again, for some people

Hi All
      I had a call from the RSPCA this morning and they could not get to the birds last night. They could not get through to the police to get there location. They phoned me and I talked the chap to where the birds were. One at least was still alive but he could not tell if the over one was. Well at least we managed to save one if not both. It is a pity that they could not get there last night but at least I managed to do some good.

Capstone Park Wednesday Morning

As I had a while before meeting Mike and Sue and the sun was out I made my way to Capstone Park to take a few pictures. I am glad I did as the cloud came over but it stayed quite bright.

When you first walk into the park you are struck by the number of Gulls around.

Gulls sitting on a rail
There must have been over 50 sitting on this rail

Canada Geese
Last time Mike and I were here there seemed like dozen's of these here but this time I only saw three and they were not interested in anything.


Going down

Mallard having a wash coming up
I tried six times to try and get him coming up but missed every time.

The other two geese

Out on the bank

The Cormorants were still there

and in the tree

He came in close

That's it, both Mike and I have some pictures from Mote Park to put up tomorrow.

Thanks for looking


  1. Shame about the Gulls Trev ... I hope that the RSPCA managed to save one! These pictures are very very good Trev ... I know you have a new photo prog ... are you using that?

    E xx

  2. Yes Trev, I agree with Eileen about the Gulls, It turned my stomach over to see them hanging there.
    Very good set of pictures, well done with the Cormorant and love the Mallard coming up, well worth the effort, well done.

  3. I loved the results of your visit to Capstone Park, very good detail in the feathers there was plenty of wing flapping going on. The Mallard coming up is beautiful and I think those Gulls on the rail over the bridge "copy and paste" themselves as they always seem to be there.

  4. Thanks all, Yes Eileen I am using it as I have more control over the out come.

    Well Mike I was using the big boy but I wonder what they would be like if I used the 600 on a tripod...

    Every time I have been there Sue that is where they sit. If they fly off they come back to the same place.

  5. Hi Trev, A lovely set of shots.......Am so glad that at least one was saved, well done you !
    chris and dave R

  6. It would be nice to think that they saved both Chris, we can only hope.


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