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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What a Fungi day along with Nature

Hi All
   What with this Stargazing Live and the thing I need and want to do some things are getting left behind. Getting out seems hard to do this week. With luck Mike and I may  be able to get some pictures on the way back from Ashford, and of course after the chuck wagon.

Today I am going to put up some of the fungi that Mike and I took aver the last three well as some of the nature pictures.

I can't remember where these were taken

Bean Country Park


Hothfield Heathland

There you are for today, ask the sun to come out so that I get the light back

Thank's for looking.


  1. Hi Trev, love the flowers...Friday looks good weatherwise.....we shall see !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Lovely mushrooms/toadstools and like Chris and Dave I love the flowers. I went out this evening and the front garden was full of primroses which have kept going all the time. Amazing!

  3. My fav is the Hothfield Heathland Tree one with the Autumn leaves.

    With all the loosing weight lark I think we will skip the chuck wagon

  4. Sue, you had better take him in hand, I had to read that twice, miss the chuck wagon in deed.

    Fingers x Chris, with cloud last night we had 37 interested in what we were doing, not bad when you could not see anything.

  5. Oh it's nice to see such lovely flowers Trev....Great pictures ...roll on the spring !

    I can see you are in a bit of a panic regarding the 'chuck wagon' .... who will win I wonder? lol

    E xxxx

  6. Trev loves his Chuck Wagon, that's all he talks about Eileen XX

  7. Not really Eileen as Mike could not wait to get there, he even made Sue pay......


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