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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lower Helstow

Hi All
         I have been too busy to do much of late, but Tuesday I did get out but not had time to get any pictures up. I have managed to process them so as to make up the time.

Yesterday was Sue's party and what a lovely time was had by all, thanks Sue.

Tuesday I went to Lower Helstow on the River Medway. I was nice a dry the walk along the bank with the birds not too far  out. They were also flying very close to me. I had been hoping to see the Little Egret but he was nowhere to be seen.

Lower Helstow

Silver Birch

Low flying Gull

Grain PS


Well that is it for now, I will put up a few more tomorrow.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Hi Trev, nice pics and a wave to fred !
    chris and Dave R

  2. Great pictures Trev ..... Hugs and kissy kissy to Fred! lol

  3. Fred is being a little devil. Unless his seed pot is full he won't feed himself.

    We went for a drink this afternoon and I thought he was not going to stop until it was empty.

  4. To comment on your comment, I thought you took Fred to the Pub as you said "We went for a drink this afternoon", he is too young and you are leading him astray!
    Really good pictures, the horse looks very cosy in his coat, the silver birch tree is my favourite, good colours.
    I enjoyed the Shepherds Pie party as well, there were no left overs.

    P.S. (Post Script not Power Station - may I say "It is Halstow, not Helstow".

  5. Thanks for that Sue, it is what I thought it was called not a misspelling.

    It should have said "he went for a drink" not we.


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