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Friday, 24 February 2012

Lower Halstow part 2

Hi All,
    It look like Fred is starving himself as he has not learnt to feed himself. He doesn't eat a lot and other birds have always been at the seed pot directly it is filled., not Fred. It was around 1100 this morning before he had his first feed. I looked up the problem on the internet and it said that he was not fed enough by this mum and dad so never learnt to eat. The good new is that being a young bird he will. I gave him a piece of plum and he laid into it. Update later.

Continuing my walk last Tuesday at Lower Halstow.

That is it I hope to get out next week.

Thanks for looking


  1. Nice day in Lower Halstow with plenty of activity by the looks of it. Well done on your pics, my favourite is the third one with the bird landing. Hello to Fred, "now eat up your seed"

  2. Yer now come one Fred get eating your seed and make Trev happy.

    Nice birds in flight and love the poor cold horse. Keep goin

  3. Nice shots Trev......Hope fred is ok
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Woohoo .. love the Horse shots Trev ... lovely weather next week so you can go all over the place! ... I am so pleased you are taking such good care of little Fred .. Don't teach him any bad words Trev... like "power Station!" lol xxxx

  5. As Mike knows Fred is staving to death. It looks like he was take away from his mum and dad before he learnt to feed. I have a friend who's wife bred them. I have told her what he is like. She told me to try a few things but we maybe too late. He has eaten a lot this afternoon, more than he has done. It is fingers xxx.


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