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Monday, 6 February 2012

Nice but busy

Hi All
        Well things have suddenly got busy, too busy to go and take any pictures. So here are some that I took earlier.

There you go, I hope to have time to go out tomorrow.

Thanks for looking


  1. Ooo what are you busy with Trev ... did you go to the Radio Rally at Canvey? Thanks for putting these smashing pictures up xxxx

  2. Trev's into the Rainham Radio Rally Eileen and he is chief organiser of the tables so a bit busy at the moment.

    Mike, press advisor.

    Nice Cormorant.

  3. Yes Eileen, Stan , Martin and me. Lots of traders did not turn up but we all had a good time.

    Mike is right I am now busy selling tables, 6 today and maybe 8 yesterday.

    I am still finishing off the Stargazing Live programme but that is taking a back seat now.

  4. Lovely Shots Trev, especially like the two swans !
    Chris and Dave R


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