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Saturday, 4 February 2012

The snow Fairy has been

We got a light dusting of snow in the night, not a lot but it looks nice. It was not cold walking round the paper shop this morning but you don't know that until you get out.

0800 just a dusting of snow

After breakfast I thought I would take a drive round and see just how bad it was else where. As it turned out most of it was on the roads or pavement with almost nothing on the fields.

As you can see a very light dusting in the fields

I can see you
 This horse was in hiding

Well the silly season is starting tonight, they have forecast 4 inches of snow and that is enough to stop trains. It will keep the buses off of the road and get the idiots back on the road. 

Keep Death off the Road, Drive on the pavement.

Have fun, thanks for looking. 


  1. We only had to look out the window to see the snow, STOP horsing around Trev. Nice set.

  2. You will get horsing around! Would you like to have a ride on one over the jumps...Hee he

  3. Daisy and Holly were sad that the Snow Fairy did not stay long here this morning ... they will be over to see you! X Lovely shots Trev Keep warm xxxxxx

  4. Quite a bit of snow but off to Canvey tomorrow.

    It will all be gone by the time we return


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