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Friday, 2 March 2012

Back to nature Part two

Oh dear, what a day, my Hard drive died today, The machine was 5 years old so it was time to up grade the system.

 This is part two of the Hothfield Heathland walk with Mike. Sorry if I have put up some the same but most are not.

Chopped up
Open land
All alone
Heather in bloom
Part of the bog
More bog
Gateway to where?
One thing Mike and I found out was the Longhorns have moved to Ore Mash as they can't feed them here over the winter.

More heathland
It's that man again
Round the twist

   Today is misty and no hint of warmth, back to winter then.Have a good day. Thanks for looking


  1. Different slant on mine, well done and glad your new computer is up and running.

    1. Yup, but need a lot of work and has a rubbish k/board. I love my MS k/board, need an adapter for it.

  2. Nice tree shots trev !
    Who is that man ????
    chris and Dave R

  3. That the man in the red coat Chris, it's Mike

  4. Ooo sorry about your hard drive Trev ... seems you are ok now tho! Ken and I saw the Long horns that had been moved down to Ore when we were down there during the week .... Great pictures as usual Trev and how is young Jimbo?

    Eileen xxx

  5. Thanks Eileen
    I have lost your email address, please send it,to you know where
    It was to only thing that mattered that I lost.



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