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Monday, 5 March 2012


Hi All
    What a weekend. A machine rebuild took place with reinstalling the s/ware. Then having to rebuild my address book. I did manage to find a backup that worked of my email file and that saved quite a bit of time. If it hadn't been for that I would still be build it. It is on the home stretch, so I have time to do a blog.

Report on Jimbo, I have him walking over my hands with out sinking his beak in to soft tissue. That is a result for me. He is lively and tries to fly sometimes but with clipped wings he doesn't get far. He is eating and drinking ok now. He is a very alert bird, looking all around all the time. By the time his wing feather have grown I hope to have him trained.


Right that is it the rest are stock pictures.

Well that is it, If the weather is good I will try and get out.

Thanks for looking


  1. Glad Jimbo and your machine are ok.

  2. glad you re getting things sorted trev and jimbo is settling down richard

  3. A long way to go on both.

    Tonight he came on my finger but did not stay long, its a start.

  4. Hi Trev, looks like Jimbo is coming on a treat !
    Lovely stock photos !
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Ooooo... lots of work for you Trev re the PC .... great stock pictures but I adore the one of little Jimbo ! I am so pleased he seems to be thriving and looking forward to seeing more pictures of him ! love Eileen xxx

  6. Eileen, he has been running up and down his cage this morning but has gone right off me. When I come into the room he hides behind his mirror. I am sure he thinks I am going to catch him every time.

    He is making noises out there now coz I am not there.

  7. Maybe he just want to play Trev!! Hide and seek lol lol lol xx


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