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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bad Day

I had to take Jimbo to the vet Yesterday so I did not get out with the camera. Jimbo was not well over the weekend and having lost Fred I did not want to chance it.
As the vet was in Snodland I took my neighbour with me to hold on to the cage.

We arrived just on time as there was an accident that closed three lanes of the M20. The Vet is just down the road from there.

What a surprise I got when the vet told me not to use the feed that most people buy from the pet shops. It seems that the normal food (seed) contains (or doesn't contain) 32 of the vitamins that birds needs. Birds only eat seed when it is in season and eat a lot of things that you would not think of. They gave me a packet of food (small bird feed) that contains, nuts, bananas, dates and a lots of other things. The vet think that it is stress that being taken away from Mum and dad and being put into a shop, then being passed on to me has caused a upset tummy. They gave me an antibiotic in case it is a bug. The food that I was using I have used on all the birds the family have owned and so does everyone else. But if you are paying for advice it is better to take it.

I got him home and filled his seed pot and after about 1/2 hour he would not leave it alone. I have to give him the antibiotic for a week and see what happens, fingers xxx.

Stock pictures today but I hope that I have not put up some before.

I have just given Jimbo his antibiotic, he did not like being held and was biting me all the time.  He has now gone quiet and just standing doing nothing. He has to have this done for a week, god knows what hew will be like in a week.

That is it, thanks for looking


  1. Well Trev, he is in your capable hands.....keep us posted of his progress.....bless him !!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. I gave him the antibiotic and he is moping about, so I am trying to resettle him.
      Got to go through it again tomorrow.

  2. He will probably get use to it by the end of the week, and soon forget that you had to hold him, he will be better in no time

  3. Poor Jimbo, give him a stroke from me.

  4. Oh Trev... Poor Jimbo and you ... He will be fine I am sure and good job you found out about the seed! I will be looking for daily bulletins on his progress please! ... Hugs to you both...well, hugs to you a gentle stroke for Jimbo ! Eileen xxx

  5. This morning he is a lot better. I do think it is stress as his droppings change through out the day. If he had a bug it would be like it all day.

    I am slowly changing his diet over to the stuff that the vet gave me and he seems to be eating it.


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