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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nature walk

Hi All,
       Report on Jimbo, he is a lot better this morning but he doesn't like to come out of his cage. I am not sure if it is that he thought I was going to hold him or not. I put him on a chair while I clean his cage and he does what he likes. I only have to watch where I am going and put him back. It's quite funny as when he is out he runs away but if I get on the floor with him and hold my finger out he comes to me to be put back in his cage. He has been shouting a lot and seem quite happy this morning..

Yesterday is was a walk round Rainham Dock (East) this is a nature reserve and part of Riverside.

Go away, scram
Fending off an invasion 

Spring has sprung

View towards Motney Hill


Rabbits hide away
Just as I got to this spot I saw what I first thought was dogs but turned out to be rabbits.


 I have never seen this move


Who's a pretty boy then
What was that?


That was all for today but one more for interested parties.

Jimbo's meds
Thanks for looking.


  1. Oh so glad that Jimbo is on the mend !
    Some nice shots Trev !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. So pleased that Jimbo is feeling better Trev .... do you give him that cuttle fish bone thingy! xx


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