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Sunday, 18 March 2012

F1 and nature

Morning all
I was up early (0530) to watch the GP  which started at 0600 our time. This is the first time that I have watched the GP for years. I used to watch it on BBC or ITV but got fed up watching the leader go round the track and not seeing what else was going on in the race.

 Well this is the first time that I have watched it on Sky, I have watched saloon cars and stocks racing. This was different this morning as I was able to move around the raceway and see different drivers, plus it was live. I may watch the next one, who knows. You can see the highlights on BBC at 1400 this afternoon.

I have had a walk out to Bloors Wharf but that was dead but on the way I had some fun.

A sleep

Tiered bird 
All in a flap


That is it, have fun


  1. I was up early as well Trev ... cos I love the F1 racing... Great shots of all the 'nature' lol Turned out to be quite a nice day ... xx

    Eileen xxx

  2. Nice to see the bumbly bee ! Oh that rhymes........
    Chris and Dave R


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