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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Berengrave Nature Reserve

Hi All
         A nice relaxing trip and a walk round the reserve was called for yesterday afternoon. This only take about 45 minutes but it does tax the legs. The steps that lead to the bottom of the once chalk pit are quite steep as well as the ones coming up.

There are not a lot of birds but you can hear the wild life moving around. Now is a good time to visit as the trees are bear.

Path to lake
This has been cleared since last summer as it was quite a trek to get though the trees.

Pigeon in tree

Two Pigeon in tree


Its come after you
 Something out of a Si-Fi movie

Twisted up

I have only ever seen two on this lake but the noticeboard says that you can see Herons and other birds on the lake.

Light speed Coot

That is it, thanks for looking.


  1. Cor blimey ... this post took me back Trev... When I was working in Rainham I used to visit this place and have lunch ... Lovely in the spring. Nice pictures ... thanks Trev

  2. Good post Trev, like the last one, that big old tree trunk !
    Chris and Dave R


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