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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Footpath Loose Village

Hi All,
       After dropping Daisy off, feeding ourselves and visiting a friend at Charing, Mike Sue and me went to Leeds Castle to find it closed. To come home we stayed on the road and Mike decided to have a look at the stream in Loose (River Len). As it was a flat path Sue came with us for the walk.

Wild daf side of road
Just to prove that Mike has more than a red coat

Mike with no red coat


Is this the black sheep of the family?


The footpath

Wild primroses


Another Mallard

Sue did tell me what theses were but I have forgotten

Jimbo out while I cleaned him out. He took his meds without too much fuss this morning. When I put him back he started cleaning himself.

Now a moan, I see that  Google are putting in hyper-links into the blog's now, what a pain.

Well it was a good walk and enjoyable 

Thanks for looking


  1. And it was a lovely post Trev, thank you.......
    and Jimbo looks the picture of health, two strokes for Jimbo !!!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Thanks Chris. I think most of the trouble is stress as you say he is health enough looking. He eats and drinks.

  2. Jimbo looks the picture or health hope he keeps that way.

    Good blog with lots of nice shots, well done that man.

  3. Super, super Pictures Trev ... just love the spring flowers and little Jimbo .... he is lovely xxxxx What a hyper link? why is it bad????

    1. I see a hyper link under the word Google this time it brings up a music download site.

      Over the last few days my blog has had three or four in it and I see it on Daisy's dairy as well

    2. It's a pain Eileen as you hover the mouse over it a pop up come up and gets in the way of the text. I have not found a way of stopping it.

  4. Lovely to see all the daffodils in the sunshine and what a lovely robin, so colourful. Mike also has a grey fleece so we have to get him to wear that. The yellow plants "skunk cabbage" grows near water don't know the Latin name.
    Jimbo looks the picture of health, nice blog Trev.

  5. Just up set him again Sue, giving him his meds


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