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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

After the bang

Hi All,
        After the big bang the three of use set off for a drive and ended up at a place called Fowlmead a country park. It is new , too new and a big let down. The main area is close from March to August to let nesting birds nest. Not much else there.

So after that we headed for Grove Ferry and Stodmarsh Nature Reserve. This we found but the NNR was hard to find as the signs were unclear, but we did. Headed out to the hide were a couple of locals were using telescope. Not wanting to disturb them we moved on. Mike and I found a couple of Coots but and a few Mallards was all that we got close to.

Pegwell Bay

Fowlmead or should that be Foul Mead

In bud

Not sure what this is

As dead as the place
Grove Ferry

Two Mallard on the Stour 

This is where OTL and the girls go.

Mallards asleep

One of two Coots
Well that was it for the day, time to head home for a very large mug of coffee.

It was a good day out for the three of us and Stodmarsh need another visit when we have more time.

Thank for looking


  1. Well it's back to the birds then after the excitement of the big bang. I must say that the processing is getting easer, good shots.

    BTW the Mallards aint looking at you lol.

    1. He was running away, didn't like his picture taken

  2. Nice post Trev......We've got a lot to look forward to, now spring is on its way !!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Shame the first place was a bit dull Trev ... yes, the girls and kendo love Stodmarsh ... nearly as much as Jeskyns , Daisy calls it the 'new park' ! Nice shots tho Trev and the buds are a sign of good times to come!

    Eileen xx


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