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Friday, 9 March 2012

Riverside walk two Hunting Shrimp

Hi all
        I still have some more pictures to show from yesterday. I did take a lot and thought that I would split it into two.

These Gull's are hunting Shrimp at just past high water. They did not take any notice of me standing about 50 feet away.

Water lapping the shore

Is spring here, looking at some of these you might think so.

All of these were on the river bank where it was freezing a few weeks ago.

Well that is it for now, There are a few more but they are in stock for a later time, thanks for looking.


  1. nice pictures trevor and it make u wonder if spring is realy hear with all the buds a boutrichard

    1. Thanks Richard, yes we have has some good weather lately.

  2. I am so pleased you are out and about again... Love the gulls but it is even better to see the buds on the trees .... spring won't be long!

    Eileen ... Love to Jimbo! x

    1. The Met office say Spring starts on the 1st March
      But the sun says 21st March.. Take your pick

    2. Wot you doing reading the Sun?

  3. Lovely shots Trev.......regards to Jimbo Too !
    CHRIS AND Dave R

  4. Jimbo is not biting me so much now but he hides when I come into the room. He climbs up my arm to my shoulder and will jump back into his cage now.

  5. Nice one's Trev, glad Jimbo is settling in.


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