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Friday, 9 March 2012

A walk in the park

Hi All,
       What a brilliant afternoon yesterday was. It was just right for a walk at Riverside. The only trouble I found was that it was only one hour past high water. But I need not have worried as there was plenty of birds close in. This time there were trees and bushes in bud as well as lichen growing on bushes and stone.

There was one one bit of bad news today and that was the Kingsnorth PS is going to be decommissioned next year, boo hoo.

Guess what

The Gulls were close inshore 


Buds in March

We have lift off
    It was a nice walk out to Bloors Wharf But it sticks out onto deep water, so it was a waste.

That is it thanks for looking


  1. Well I like the Black Headed Gull the best. I think the close up shots need a smaller aperture but that's me.

  2. you can't go less than F5.6
    That doesn't mean you not right

    1. No sorry I meant up a bit, about F7. Its a lovely shot but lens too open if you understand so very little in focus. What lens were you using?

    2. Yup I see what you mean. it was the 300

      I miss read your comment.

  3. That red on purple and orange on gold I struggled to read it and could not read the the rest, Ohh Trev .............

    1. I see what you mean Sue

    2. That is much better now, I opened it and thought eeeek, oh no, it was so bad I could not start to read it, thank you for changing it, I like colour .... but...........
      Lovely to see the buds and blossom and shame about the PS but I suppose it is progress.

  4. That should be better Sue, it was one I missed

  5. Just playing catch up .... Love the blossom! ... Mmmmmmmm the power station! .... Hope Jimbo is okay!

    Love Eileen xxx

  6. Lovely signs of spring Trev !
    chris and Dave R


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