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Sunday, 6 May 2012

By popular demarnd

Morning all
 This drought is getting me down as since it was declared it has done nothing but rain. So to lift spirits and after calls of how's Jimbo you are going to find out.

While cleaning his cage I brought him out for a photo shoot. At first he did not like the flash but he soon realised that is was not going to hurt him.  The little show off just stood by and posed.

Not sure of the flash

Not coming out from under
 He dived under a chair and would not come out until I offered my finger he climbed on and I put him on the chair.

Ok that is not going to hurt me
He stayed while I carried on cleaning his cage. I then let him go on to the top of his cage and he perched there. I think he would have stayed all day.

This is good
I'm not going anywhere
I think he would have climbed back by himself but after a while I gave him the chance to go back and he hopped onto his perch.
Jimbo doesn't seem to like to leave his cage and is always looking for ways to get back. He is getting his flight feathers back and can fly a little now.

Have fun and thanks for looking


  1. Oooooo what a handsome little chappie!!
    Thanks Trev ... I just love all of these ...!

    Who cares about the rain when you can see pictures of JIMBO!!! xxxx

  2. He is lovely Trevor

  3. Here is the STAR, ello Jimbo.

    He seems ok with the flash, well done lovely colours.

  4. He is such a handsome little fellow....posing for the camera!
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Thanks all, it will make him big headed if I pass on your lovely comments at once but I will slip them in one at a time.....

  6. He looks so sweet, enjoyed the pictures, Kayrole


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