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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Return to Hothfield Heathland part one

Morning all,
      Well what a nice sunny day yesterday. Mike , Sue and me made a return to Hothfield. It has been some time since we stopped there. This time Sue came with us.
The entrance from the car park
Ashford council are soon to close this part of the car park so only the main car park will remain.

Fallen tree

They (Kent Wildlife Trust)  are making more open areas so that they get more birds to nest at the site.

Blue Bells
There were lots of patches of Blue Bells but I was not happy with the pictures so I have left them out.

Now for what we came for.

Young Long Horn
 This one found us and lead us to the rest of the herd.

Taking a rest

Busy doing nothing

Keeping cool

"Oh what a lazy day"

For those around 60 ITMA
For those under 60 
A radio programme in the 50's called "It's that man again"

In the same area there were some horses grazing 


Head down "I'm busy"

"Hallo there"

One thing that is nice about these places is how friendly people are.

I look forward to Mikes blog as he took a lot of different pictures to me and so did Sue.

 Well that is it for now, part two tomorrow.

Thanks for looking


  1. Who is that man ? LOL
    Love the horses Trev !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Will have to wait for mine as I am trying to catch up with my work..Will wait till Trevor's part 2 before I post any.

  3. Thanks Chris

    You will only have to wait until tomorrow Mike.

  4. Lovely Lovely pictures Trev ... I am so glad the sun is back ... The horses and cows and MIKE are my fav pictures lol lol lol

    E xx

  5. Did you notice the red?


  6. YES EILEEN that's a lovely picture of ME!

    This is s my new Burgundy NOT Red tee shirt, my GREEN fleece was is the car because unfortunately the sun was shining LOL.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So why is a Burgundy wine called red wine if it is not red....

      He hee


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