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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Bad Friday

Morning all, yes it was a bad day that meant I couldn't get out with the camera and for once nothing to do with the weather.

It started when I got up one of my watches gave up the ghost and left this world. It would not have been too bad but I had put a new strap on two weeks ago. Then I had problems getting my weekly shop, the things that they were out of stock ####.

Then in the afternoon the heating was playing up (and had been for a few weeks). I had thought it was air but it turned out to be a blocked pump and the  system needs a good clean out and a new pump. Off to get the cleaner only to find they are out of stock. I ordered some last night on line and they only had one bottle and I am told I need two, so now have to wait until Monday lunch time to get the rest. It is not cold but with this damp I need the heat on. Talk about Bah Humbug.

Here are some stock photo's just to keep you going, some you may have seen before but some you haven't.

Aylesford Village


Ore Marsh

That should keep you going for a while, thanks for looking


  1. Poor Trev, not having much luck by the sound of it.

    Still nice pictures to cheer us up.

    Like the Horses the best.

  2. Those gremlins get everywhere Trev.....dont they !!!
    I'm sure your week end will get better.......Lovely shots
    to console us, Thank you !!!
    chris richards

  3. Just spent two hours draining the system. it look like two hours or more to get the air out.

    No camera work today

  4. Poor Trev ... still things have improved now and we get the chance to see the beautiful pictures you have 'in stock' ! lol Love the horses .... WHERE IS JIMBO!!!!!!
    E xx


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