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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Two transits in two years

Morning all, I found my picture that I couldn't for yesterday. I also found the ones I took the year before with the transit of Mercury.

On 7th May 2003 Mercury transits the sun which to many of us was just to sort out problems for the Transit of Venus in June 2004. We were all lucky with the weather on both events as they happened well after dawn. Not a cloud in the sky for both events.

Mercury is closest to the sun so is a long way from the Earth. This make for a very small dot on the sun.

These were all taken with my Fuji 2200 compact camera as I did not have the Canon at that time.

Mercury well into transit

Not long to go before the finish

From start to finish, this is all the time I could put in  as I had to go to work. 

Moving on to the transit of Venus

Tuesday 8th June 2004

This was another one that we were all lucky with the weather. Again it was early morning at around 0500 

Time 0509

Near halfway

Still coming onto disc

Half on the disc

Second contact

Times are GMT 

Well that is it until 2016 when I have friends already organising star parties.

Thanks for looking


  1. Well done Trevor. Superb photos. You managed to get up early enough to see it. LOL

  2. Well done for finding the 2004 photos. They are very good.

    Looking forward to 2016, glad you had a good time with all the people at Grain.

  3. By going out there we may have got a few new members. AS we were set up we got people interested in the sun by showing them a few sunspots, I counted 9 within three groups.
    For those interested get an app called Sun viewer.

    it was a pity the cloud did not clear while the transit was in progress.

  4. Fabulous shots Trev....very well done, smashing stuff !
    Chris Richards

  5. Awwww thanks for posting these Trev .... super shots... I really enjoyed seeing these ... Pity Grain was so cloudy on the day but 2016 ... is not long for the Mercury Transit ....
    E xx


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