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Friday, 1 June 2012

Haysden Country Park

Morning all, Wednesday Sue  and Mike took me to Haysden C P  for what was quite a day. Two lakes and the River Medway, with wildlife in all it's glory.

Graylags, Canada Geese, Mallard's and 900 mile an hour Coots.

One thing marred the day and this was a woman with three dog off the lead letting them run wild chasing the birds in the shallows. I must admit to wanting to go and push her in the lake. I had better not say any more or it will spoil the story.

We arrive at 1145 and paid a reasonable parking charge that even OTL would not have cried over. Walking through to the park was the Lake where Mike photographed the Grebe. Nothing to be seen so we walked on to the main lake.

Lake where Mike pictured the Grebe

Mallard taking off

I think Mike put up a picture of a map of the area in his blog a few weeks ago.

The main lake don't forget to go HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA

Canada geese with their young

Canada geese with their young

Herding to brood 

This way or that

Push off

Where's Mum 

By Popular demand


More tomorrow on Haysden

Thanks for looking


  1. Glad you liked the place, you should have warned me about pushing the lady in the lake. I would have photographed it. Lol

    No.7 is my favourite. Well done, all nice.

    Ps Jimbo looking good.

  2. Fabulous shots Trev......but Jimbo stole the show for me !
    have a good 'Jubilee' week end !!
    Chris richards

  3. A good one to you and Dave Chris


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