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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Hayden C P two

Morning again all, continuing the visit around Hayden C. P. we found lots to see but not many flowers were out which was pity but plenty of wildlife.

All taken on the main pond


Busy feeding

You could almost step on these they were so close

Looking around

Sleepy head but keeping one eye open

Come along you lot time for a swim

900 MPH Coot taking it easy

This way girls

Take off
 Someone was feeding the ducks across the other side, this one didn't want to be left out

A good stretch 
Well that is it for today more on Haysden tomorrow, thanks for looking


  1. Lovely Trev !
    Have a good week end !
    chris richards

  2. Hi Trev, sorry to be late on parade, busy day.

    " this way girls" is my favourite, nice series glad we went.


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