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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jimbo returns

Morning all, what a morning 5mm of rain since midnight and still raining. No chance of getting out yet. I even had to take the car to the paper shop and that is only five minutes away as it was raining that hard.

While I was refreshing Jimbo this morning I noticed that most time he lands on the chair by the window and spends the time looking out.  I always let him out while cleaning the cage as he does not like me washing it out, he flies out anyway.

Jimbo observing his surrounding 

He doesn't stay on his cage long as he like the chair more.

Jimbo looking out the window

This is all mine, all mine

After this he went back to a nice clean cage.

Leeds Castle January 2012

Well it is winter

Can I help you

No I am not coming out

Well that will do for today, if the rain stops I might get out.

Thanks for looking


  1. Jimbo looks in fine fettle.

    Those Avery pictures are unique as it is closed down now,shame..

    1. Oh it has closed now, what a pity as we only got to it once, Mike (when you first took me there)

    2. Supposed to close last year, will check later.

  2. What a handsome boy, young Jimbo is !!!
    I like 'can I help you' best.....
    chris richards

  3. He is stupid bird sometimes Chris, he run away until I go in the cage then he come out and no trouble at all.

  4. OOOo what a little beauty ... you and Jimbo, Trev! You for posting his picture and Jimbo for being such a handsome chappie!!
    Lovely !
    E xx


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