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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

out at last

Hi All, Well at last I have a good day to get out. Plenty of light for the camera, hot (or nice and warm). I got to go just after lunch, that is I headed out to go to Motney Hill. When I arrived the car park was full and I mean full, you could not get another car in. I thought I would go to Riverside and take a chance.

Driving along the road I noticed an entrance and thought I saw a car park. Turned in and sure enough there was somewhere to park.

Notice by the gate
 This was great because it meant That I could take more gear with me and not have a mile to walk back to the Wharf. In fact the Wharf was only about 200 yds down the path.

Path from the car
Just round the corner out of sight is the Wharf 

Where I came in
This brought me out where my deep water channel is.

At this time I only had the camera with me 

Great Black Backed  Gull
 I have not seen many of these for a while



Black headed Gull


That will do util tomorrow but I did have the spotter scope with me so I did go back to the car.

 Thanks for looking


  1. Glad you found a new entrance,will have to investigate one day.

    The weather was kind to you and I like ed the birds in flight.

  2. Hi Trev, loved the 'Shadow'!
    Chris Richards

  3. Good pictures Trev Glad you could get out and about! I like the birds in flight too! Made a note of the 'new' entrance TFS

    Eileen xxx


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