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Friday, 29 June 2012

Leeds Castle

Morning all, as you know the three of us went to Leeds Castle on Wednesday. The light was poor but we managed some shots that were passable.

We were watching some Coots when a fight started, I manage a few shot but it was happening too quick to set up the camera, so please.

Ding dong round one

Ding dong round two

and the winner is
Well everyone knows that Coots move at the speed of light and that is just what the looser did.

I'm off 
Coot moving at the speed of light, no kidding.

Wednesday was the first time I had seen any Jackdaw there and they were everywhere. Here is one


He's got beady eyes 

Coot Chick in its nest

There are still loads of these out, mine finished in the middle of May

The path to the entrance

Scruffy Mallard
The male Mallard's are starting to get their colour back now.

Well that is it part two tomorrow

Thanks for looking


  1. Coot fight fantastic even though you weren't set up for it. Glad you got the red hot poker shot in the nest, yuck horrible sight. Mike on Sues computer.

  2. I like the beady eyes one best, is he saying "What are you doing here?" OR "Did you bring me a present?". It would be good for a caption contest. Never seen the coots having a barny like that before, you did good Trev and more tomorrow.

  3. Coots are always having 'punch ups' ! great shot Trev and a really interesting post... You and Mike keep me entertained every morning while I drink my coffee!
    Eileen xx

  4. Maybe Coots drink too much coffee...(:-)


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