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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Four legged friends with bushy tails

Morning all, it looks like I have the same trouble that Mike had yesterday and the day before white lines blanking out the text. Try again as this is the second time I have tried to write this.

Yesterday Sue Mike and me went to Leeds Castle on our way home from Ashford. The light was bad ad there were not many birds about. There were a couple of friendly Squirrels and this gave us both an idea for Daisy and Holly (see links to Daisyg)

I really don't need to say too much as the picture say it all, enjoy.

Got any nuts?

No, I am off then

The best until last

He was only a few feet away.

That's it, thank's for looking.


  1. Blog could have been entitled "Squirrels Galore", lovely to see them, I like the retreating tail best.
    You were both more clever than Daisy and Holly in, poor dogs have no idea of how to get close to squirrels. But then I don't suppose you and Mike went "Woof woof" like they do.

  2. Great shots of our 'Bushy' tailed friends, Trev !!
    Chris richards

  3. Well done, you will have to wait for mine, too many blogs on the way.

  4. Ohooooooooo!

    Did you catch them? Did you get a nibble? What did they taste like? Chicken? Can I have the next one?

    Luv, Daisy & Holly

    1. We didn't need to as they came to us, no they taste like Squirrel. But they don't taste like pork.

  5. Thanks all, I can't wait for Mike to put his up.

  6. Oh Trev I just love seeing pictures of Jimbo cos he is so cute but these little beauties are adorable ... Don't tell Jimbo! xxxx


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