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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Catch up day

Morning all, I need to continue with Thursday's shoot but I also have a few other to show. I will crack on.

Thursday was a looking for birds and only finding one trip, the Gull.
I ended up at Northward Hill nature reserve. Plants and insects only.

This place was buzzing with people as the car park was full. I met a few people a couple with butterfly nets. They had caught a few (and let them go) and had a great afternoon. Me no net only a camera.





I don't know the type of butterfly or moth but they were the only ones to stay still long enough to take a picture of them.

I was a good hour spent in the sunshine but still no birds.

On Friday I found the last of my lilies in flower, it will soon be the end of another year for these flower. I hope to get some more next Spring if my gardener will let me.

This is the last one, but one of the best.

This morning I found a Bumble Bee trapped. As they are endangered I photographed it before helping it escape, I am glad to say it flew off unharmed.

Sorry about this but the light was all wrong even with the flash as well as the angle the picture was taken.

Well that is my catch up done, thanks for looking.


  1. Well done Trev,, lovely set my favourite is the Lilliie.

  2. Ahhh smashing pictures here Trev... I am so pleased you helped the Bee escape... good lad!
    Trev we have found that our new Pond attracts lots of birds who come to drink and have a wash and brush up! I love watching through the kitchen window! Do you get many in your pond?

  3. My pound is too deep for that but after has rain and filled it up I do. I also have an upside down dustbin lid and a bird bath. they do use those a lot.


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