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Thursday, 26 July 2012

What no birds

Hi All
  What no birds or well not many. This have not been that many birds around this month but I seem to remember the same thing happening last year at this time. I decided to go and try to find them.

I set off in the car to some woodland.

The entrance to the woodland
 No birds but I found a clearing looking across the fields

This horse would not look up

A nice cool breeze blow across from the river, but no birds so I moved back to the car to try somewhere else.

The first thing I found was this Pigeon.

Pigeon sunning himself

That is it for now as I have had trouble putting this up and so has Mike.

Thanks for looking


  1. You are for it now,two pictures with two ps chimneys tut tut. Nice Pigeon sunning himself.

  2. I like to live on the edge you know....

  3. If you look there is loads of Chimneys in one shot, you breading them? LOL

  4. No breeding I mean, bread is for birds well maybe not.

  5. Huh!! I can see THEM !!!!!! You are in deep poo Trev! but I'll let you off cos the rest of the pictures without the PS in are great!
    Blogger is playing me up as well ! xxx

  6. I had to delete my first try as you could not read the text as it turned it white on white.

    I re-typed it and it was ok. It looks like it went wrong for all of us...


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