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Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Wednesday afternoon at Bloors

Hi all, I have been busy this week so not been out. Yesterday I made may way over to Mike and Sue to help them clean their carpet. We were going to do this last week when it was nice drying weather but I was waiting for a took kit for the carpet cleaner. Well yesterday we managed to do it and that meant that the carpet was wet.

After eating lunch I took Mike out while Sue went shopping for dinner. I took Mike to Bloors Wharf . The wind was a bit cold and gusting but when the sun was out, nice. The tide was out and the "deep water channel" was full of Gulls. After a few pictures I went back to the car and got the telescope.

When I had set it up we both had a look at the edge of the main channel. There were Red Shank's, Oyster Catchers, and a bird that I could not ID as it was too far away.

Here are some of the picture I took before I used the telescope.

Great Black Backed Gull
Try saying that quickly 5 times

On target

Make way


I think this is a Red Shank but it could be a Godwit

Great Black Backed Gull (Mum)
Baby taking off

In flight

And of course no blog of Bloors would be compete without a picture our two wonderful PS's which won't be there for much longer, make the most of them is what I say...

Kingsnorth in all it's glory


To finish off 

Two Mallard's
When Mike and I got home the carpet was still damp so we could not walk on it, should be ok this morning


Well that is it, thanks for looking


  1. Carpet dry now just got to put everything back.
    Nice Kingsnorth shot, I can understand why the rail was in the shot?

  2. So pleased you are out and about again Trev.. missed your posts!
    But we all have busy times.... Lovely pictures of the Birds... and the Shhhhhh .... you know whats!!
    E xx

  3. I wonder just what Eileen means Mike!!!!!!!!


Thanks You for your comment