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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Northward Hill RSPB open day

Hi all, Today the Mid-Kent Astronomical Society helped out the RSPB with their open day at the Northward Hill Nature Reserve . We (seven of us) put on a solar viewing with three of our members solar telescopes.

We were able to show two telescope using a white light filter. These show the sun in it's normal light and shows up the sunspots. There were at least three groups.

The third telescope uses a special filter that let you see the sun in Hydrogen- alpha. This let you see the sun as a red disc with the prominences (the gases coming out the sides).

I don't know how the RSPB did as they did not know when I asked.

Setting up

Some of our members telescopes

Our set up with display board

Bob setting up his Hydrogen Alpha telescope

Queuing to see the sun
 I must say that talking for two hours or so trying to explain what sunspots are and why they look like they do may me at least a little dry. The RSPB did supply up all with a voucher for food but we use then to buy tea and coffee.

Now some veiws over the Thames from the site

A Little Egret Long way off
Looking out to Southend on Sea

Messing about on the river

That is it, I do hope that the RSPB did well and I hope that MKAS get a few members out of it.
 I know that we had ques of people to look through our telescopes and that they enjoyed themseves.

No sign of Daisy and Holly nor OTL and TM.

Thanks for looking.



  1. Glad you managed to get out, it was a glorious day and good to see that you had plenty of visitors showing interest. It all sounds very complicated to me but good to see the pictures and know that you were able to be outside.

  2. Hi Trev, glad is at went off ok. Very interesting blog sorry I could not get there as I was out with Dave and his wife.
    Super pictures of the set up and the river , you did well, thanks.

  3. Great pictures Trev... looks like a super day and time had by all .... My fault for not attending... I so wanted to see the F1 racing live!!!!

    E xxxx

  4. Cor, fancy wanting to watch the TV on such a lovely day.

    Oh well at least you had a PS to look at. x


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