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Sunday, 9 December 2012

A very cold 30 minutes

Hello All
         Yesterday afternoon was the first time I got out after dropping my camera. Well good news is that it seems ok. The lens is working (it fell on that) and that camera seems ok. I had thought of upgrading to the Canon D600 but there seems little point in doing so.

I arrived at Bloors about 1330 yesterday afternoon and walk towards the riverbank, this was just as the sun went in,bad luck. When I got to the open wharf an Arctic blast from across the river hit me, boy was that cold.

I managed to stick it for half an hour before heading home.

There were a lot of Gulls, Teals and a Red Shank, Crows but not much else.

Crow in flight


Mrs Teal

This is the first time that I have caught on in flight

These bird were quite close to me and not worried as I move about

With the sad news of the death of Sir Patrick Moore here is a picture that I took in 2010 when I made a visit to his house with my club

Sir Patrick's dinning room

That is it for today I will show the rest later, thanks for looking


  1. Hi Trev, tried to post a comment and the comment box said "You cant post an empty comment box"?????????this is strange.
    Hope this works.
    Nice shots and like the Teal best.

  2. Yup it worked, sounds like it couldn't see the text you typed

  3. Yes really strange, still, looking forward to tomorrow, looks like the best day of the week.

  4. I have been trying to leave you a comment Trev .. lets hope you get this one... Pleased your camera is okay.... Shame about Sir Patrick... lovely man .
    E xx

  5. Yes Eileen there seems to be a problem with Google as Mike had problems last week a and so did I. We both left comment on each other and they didn't show

    Try again


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