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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Testing a bad day

Hi all
       This is a bad day, I dropped my camera with the 300mm lens on it last night. There was minor cosmetic damage which were mainly scratches. But you never know what happened inside the camera / lens. These picture are just a test, they have not been processed just saved from RAW to JPG.

There was some dust that was dislodged which I have now cleaned, but apart from that I can't spot anything wrong. The focus is a bit weak on one but that was almost into the sun.

  This is the planet Jupiter, It is overblown because I was trying to get the four moons to show up.

This is a bit of a soft focus but my fault not the camera

Now I could not find anything wrong with this one apart from the fact it was taken through a window

This is the soft focus one that I talked about above


Close up

I will be taking the camera out it ne next couple of days just to put it through its paces. I think that I got away with the camera but maybe I will find something wrong with the lens. It did land on it 

Thanks for looking


  1. Poor Trev, never mind all looks ok, it happens to us all in the end no matter how careful you are.

  2. Yes but now it is fingers xx and hope

  3. I hope your Camera is okay Trev.. these pictures are your normal super stuff .. so no harm done maybe???
    E xxxx


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