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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Capstone Park

Morning all, the sun was out but the tide was high at Riverside. Low water was not until around 1530 so that would have been a waste of time. So I took a short ride to Capstone Park and what a surprise I got. There were hardly any birds there not like the last time. I did find warp factor 10 Coots and a few Moorhens but no Gulls.



Someone through some bread into the lake and guess what flew in


Swan looking for food
That will do for today as it will soon be raining I am saving some for tomorrow

Have a nice day, thanks for looking


  1. Glad you got out Trevor and had a little flock to picture. The Coots always make me laugh when they walk, they are so ungainly whereas they look so streamlined in the water. The evenings are getting lighter very noticeably, can't say the same for the mornings. Keep up the good work, nice to see you out and about.

  2. Wow Trev, so you got out with around your busy schedule and got some nice shots, well done. The only thing is that we would have liked a visit as you were in the neighborhood.

  3. I thought you were busy that is why I did not come in


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