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Friday, 11 January 2013


A nice sunny afternoon when I left home at 1330. I drove to Bloors and parked up. As I walked to the wharf the sun went in the light faded, just my luck. Thinking about it, I said to myself you are not going to be beaten again, so up went the ISO on the camera.

I was lucky as there was a Crested Grebe not far out. Biggest problem was he kept diving.

Why hello
Crested Grebe

There were plenty of Gulls flying around as well

I'm off

Also a few Shelduck

I'a having a rest

After about 20 minutes it was so cold with the wind that I went  back to the car and headed for home.

Thanks for looking have a good weekend


  1. Love the pictures ... shame it was a bit 'nippy'! Your captions are soooooo funny ... keep 'em coming !
    E xxx

  2. Thanks both

    I am behind with both your blogs but I will catch up later in the week. Both the BBC2 Stargazing Live and the Rainham Rally have taken over my spare time but I am on top of it.

    See you all soon


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