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Monday, 20 May 2013

Faversham Car Show

Hi All
       Another car show last weekend and one that was in the town centre at Faversham. It was all around the main streets and in the main car park with the whole of the town centre closed to traffic.

Martin and I went down it Moggie and with Stan and Lorna going in the Cossie. We set off at 0730 and arrived at 0800 in the main car park with Stan arriving about 10 minutes with the Kent RS owners club.

It was a real carnival atmosphere with a little fun fair and burger trailers.

Smart car
 There was one of these which I did not take a picture of that had no roof and no windscreen, I am not sure what you did in the rain apart from getting wet.

I'm not sure what this is!

A few military vehicles  

Who remembers the ad of put a tiger in your tank? This is what this guy has done.

That is it but more to come in the week

 Have a good week and thanks for looking

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  1. hi Trev, well done great shots, looked like you all had some fun. Also you had a bit more sun than Leeds Castle.


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