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Sunday, 12 May 2013


Hi All
    I have not been around much as I have been decorating which means not getting out with the camera. Today (Sunday) I went to a car show in Essex with my two friends Stan and Martin. Martin owns a 1968 moggie which has just had a new engine put in it. This was it's first trip out.

Battlebridge is a big show with loads of different cars as you will see just a few.

We arrive just before 10 and set up and then had a walk round. The wind was cold but out of it was so hot that you wanted your coat off.

Just to show we weren't the only ones there

Martin (left) and Stan looking at a Lotus &

A Big Cat (one of Stan's friends)


The weather was not too kind to us but the rain kept off

That will do for today, I have some more to process 

Thanks for looking



  1. Great pictures of the cars Trev ... shame about those two 'erberts in one of 'em tho . ;)
    E xxx

  2. Well Eileen they just tagged along.



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