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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A warm hour at the riverside

It was a cloudy, well overcast afternoon on Tuesday but as  the tide was right I set off for Motley Hill. Arriving at the car park there were not many cars there.  

I thought I would see just what plants had come up since I was there last. Not many in flower but there was a very warm wind blowing ) made a change from being blown off my feet.

This was the first I came across

 Then this grass

We called this May when I was at school


I'm not sure if this is a rose or not

Having got to the bank I found that you could hardly see across the river

Mist all round

Is this a place for tiered birds

 Black Headed Gull

That will do for now, thanks for looking


  1. Nice to see you back Trev, great set and like the cobwebs on the Thistle best. Wanted to go out today but had a really bad head so stayed inside in the quite, shame really.

  2. Well done Trev, nice to see you with a blog, lets hope we see you again soon. Lovely to see flowers not being blown away. x

  3. Thanks both,

    It is not your old trouble coming back I hope Mike

  4. Aww ... lovely post Trev .. Love all the pictures of the flowers... I'll forgive you the one of the PS! cos the rest are great xxx

  5. Thank you Eileen, The PS only shows how misty it is on the river after all it is no good photographing fog... LOL



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