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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Catching up

Hi All
         I have been busy over the last weeks or so. I have some friends in the US who have been sending me some pictures of flowers around them. I thought the I would share mine with them and also with you. Now there are not a lot out in my garden here in Kent but today was one of those warm wind days. It was overcast but bright and the wind was quite warm and to top it off it was a light rain (very light).

I love  these and have lots of different coloured ones, these are the first.

Nearly finished but as it was late it is still in bloom

London Pride

The only rose in bloom and this needs spraying

That is it as there are no more in bloom, thank for looking


  1. Great set Trevor, lovely colours and the London pride is outstanding.

  2. I love all your colourful flower posts.. fabulous Trev ... my fave is the Rose and I think the 'greenfly' add interest ! lol
    E xxx

  3. They are getting a free lunch but not for much longer lol


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