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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bucket and Spade car show

Hallo All, I seems ages since I posted but here I am again.

Last Sunday was the Bucket and  Spade car show put on by the ROMM Club on the cliffs overlooking Pegwell Bay.

To start off we all met at Faversham's Brodale Farm to register for the event. This took about an hour but we were given a route to get there.

There were four cars in our group with eight people. We set of to follow the route but it was not long before we lost one who took the wrong route. The rest of us arrived around 1245 and were directed to a parking spot all four us.

Setting up "camp" ready for Martin to cook lunch while the rest of use looked busy (well you have got to)

At Brodale I took a few pictures.

Filling up

The pratt in the white hat is the one that got lost. I can say that because we have been good friends for over thirty years. next to him on his right is Martin my driver. The Stag belongs to the chap in the blue shirt

A nicely restored Moggie

Then on to Ramsgate

I have  seen this display at other shows

Mean while looking out to see

Two fishermen


Back to the cars two more moggies

We packed up around 1645 and got home around 1800. Have a good week


  1. Good set Trev, my favourites is the pretty Citroen with the dead duck and eyelashes.

  2. Lovely pictures and post Trev ... my fave is the 'Pratt in the White hat lol
    E xxx

  3. The Citroen lives round in Balans Rd Mike.

    Yes Eileen, I always call him that every time he wears it, it make Lorna laugh.


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